Are you planning to buy an apartment or build a house? Do you want to carry out a general renovation of your property or buy a new car? Or maybe you are a business owner and need funds for new investments? If you do not have adequate financial resources, you will have to make use of loans.

There are many banks in Rybnik that have a wide credit offer. How can you choose the best one? This is not such a simple task. First of all, you need to know all the offers and compare their conditions. However, this requires proper knowledge and a large amount of free time. However, we can make our lives easier and use the help of a financial adviser.

Rybnik Financial Advisor is able to provide us with comprehensive service in terms of each type of loan. So you can use its services both when you need a mortgage and when you are looking for a loan for companies. Thanks to this, we are able to save a lot of time and money. First of all, because we take care of everything in one person and in one place. Secondly, the advisor will find the cheapest loan option for us, thanks to which we will save on possible interest or commissions.

Why is it worth to trust an independent credit advisor in Rybnik?

Why is it worth to trust an independent credit advisor in Rybnik?

Many people are afraid of using credit advisors. This is mainly due to ignorance. Customers don’t know that by using such help they can gain a lot and, most importantly, they won’t pay anything for it. What are the benefits of cooperation with a Credit Advisor in Rybnik? First of all, access to currently the best loan offers on the market. So you don’t have to go from bank to bank.

In addition, a credit advisor guides his clients through the entire credit process. He helps him with all necessary formalities and represents him in the bank. Therefore, the customer does not have to worry about filling out applications with complicated attachments or answering unusual questions asked by a bank analyst.

Credit advisors are completely independent. What does it mean? That they are not affiliated with any bank or financial institution. When deciding to cooperate with a specific bank, we will be offered only its offer, despite the fact that on the other side of the street a loan will be waiting for us on better terms.

We will avoid this type of situation when we use credit counseling services

We will avoid this type of situation when we use credit counseling services

The broker in the first place always cares about the good of the client, so he always chooses the best loan option for him. The name of the bank does not matter for a credit counselor. Only the conditions they propose at the moment count.

Each Rybnik Credit Advisor has the appropriate education and necessary experience. Many of them had previously worked directly in banks, so they know their business specifics perfectly. They know what aspects to look for to help their clients get a good loan.

Free loan comparison in Rybnik – why should you use it?

Free loan comparison in Rybnik - why should you use it?

To find the best Rybnik loans, you can use online comparison websites. However, it should be borne in mind that very often they do not include all available offers. In addition, some banks buy top positions or offer placed on them that only a few customers can use. When you decide to cooperate with Rybnik’s financial advisors, you don’t have to worry about that. Before specific proposals are presented to you, you will first be interviewed to obtain detailed information. What is it done for?

Each bank has its own credit policy and its favorite customer profile. It also calculates creditworthiness differently. The threshold is also different, for example, when the spouse’s consent is required. Thanks to information obtained from the client, the adviser is able to adjust the offer accordingly.

That is why it is important for the client to provide truthful information. The offers that the customer receives are exactly the same as at the bank. They are neither more expensive nor cheaper. If you don’t believe us, then you can go check us out. However, we guarantee that it will be an unnecessary waste of time for you.

Many people may ask themselves: “what exactly does such an advisor live from?” We want to point out that we don’t work for free. We also need to support ourselves and our families for something. We are rewarded by banks. This happens when a given customer uses the offer through us.

Then the bank shares part of its commission with us. No extra fee is charged on this account. The only payment we expect from customers is the recommendations of our services. That is why we try to work in such a way that they advertise us to their family or friends.

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